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Business Resources and Services


The Business Innovation Center often solves a particularly common problem faced by an entrepreneur, a start-up business, or an existing company looking to gain a foothold in our area: where to spend the limited capital they have while beginning to accelerate their business goals?


The BIC offers business support services through our membership programs, workshops, seminars, learning sessions, networking opportunities and other events that broaden knowledge to our innovation ecosystem and links to topics including:   

Business development/growth

Business and strategic planning

Legal counsel

Accounting and tax resources

Human resources

Government contracting

Marketing and PR


 Grant preparation

Insurance and risk management



Discovery Session

The first step in transforming a great idea to a start-up business is to talk with others to gather knowledge, identify resources and to understand what the next steps are.  The BIC offers one-on-one discovery sessions as part of a structured program model that will assist entrepreneurs define viable paths to success.  This session can also be a gateway to many options and resources available in the Northwest Florida area.  There is no cost for this service and is open to all those who are interested.  Contact the BIC to make an appointment.

Business plan and pitch coaching

The business plan for any company is the roadmap of success.  Developing an effective business plan and teaching methods of how to stick to the plan are key objectives of the BIC’s programs and services. The BIC will help clients develop the appropriate “elevator pitch” to convey why a company does what it does, how it does it, and what it does uniquely better than what is available from similar companies. The BIC will help clients build their “brand identity” and the appropriate positioning of their products or services.


Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration with other entrepreneurs whether they are new or experienced will reinforce the main efforts that are needed to build a foundation for success. The network of entrepreneurs that the BIC will be supporting will allow each client to feed on the other’s creativity. Access to area professionals to establish advisory boards for each client will be coordinated through the BIC’s networks and will be integrated into the resource pool available to clients so that they can get advice from experts.


The incubation center, located on the FSU-Panama City Campus, offers our client members office space and equipment that can help support the success of their venture. The space is available to our member clients.


Educational and Networking Opportunities

Entrepreneurs, new or early stage companies will benefit from the wide range of educational and networking events sponsored in whole or part by the BIC. These enrichment programs will provide subject matter experts in all areas of business to interact with clients in small groups to add or enhance their knowledge on a particular subject. Opportunities to interact with other clients will be encouraged and provides a network of colleagues and resources to assist them as they grow.

Additionally, our partnerships with Gulf Coast State College, Florida State University, Chambers of  Commerce and other community organizations will provide opportunities for cross-registration with their events and continuing educational programs.  These events are at no cost or have a minimal fee to BIC clients and community members. 

BIC Contact Info

Business Innovation Center
5230 West U.S. Highway 98
Panama City, Florida 32401
Direct: 850-913-2904



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Business Innovation Center
5230 West U.S. Highway 98
Panama City, Florida 32401
Direct: 850-913-2904
Gulf Coast State College
Business Innovation Center


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