How Your Business Can Optimize Instagram


Instagram was originally created as a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures, but it’s not just for fun anymore. Businesses are using this visually stimulating social media outlet to grow their fan base and increase their brand’s identity. The cliché idea, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” could add up to thousands more for your business. Here are a few reasons you should put more focus and energy into your Instagram account.

Showcase Your Newest Product or Service

This is your chance to show off! As customers are very visual, photos and videos are easier to relate to than simple descriptions. This gives you the opportunity to share new products or services instantly and discover your customer’s initial reaction.

Go Deeper Than the Surface

The simplicity of Instagram may tempt you to only share photos without adding a caption, much like a photo album. Instagram gives your brand the opportunity to show more than just products and services available on your company website. Show the world you are more than just a brand, but a lifestyle.

Give Your Brand Personality

When growing your brand on Instagram, try not to take your brand too seriously. Whether whimsical, cheeky, adventurous or geeky, let it shine through in the style of your photos. See your product through your customer’s eyes. Share real life customer photos and find ideas that you may have never discovered on your own.

Exclusive Rewards

Your customers keep you in business, this is your chance to return the favor. Share exclusive offers and sneak peeks of new products on your feed. Many businesses offer deals via coupon codes or discounted prices available only to loyal fans and followers.

Your business Instagram account should be professional, but that does not mean it has to be stuffy. Show fans a different, more personal side of your business.

Katy Kitto
Business Innovation Center

5 Tips to Improve Your Startup


Starting your own business can be the ride of your life.  There are lots of parts and pieces in the beginning, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the details and forget about the big picture. Remember to focus on the things that can make or break a startup.  Here are 5 tips for the startup newbie:

1. Make research your best friend

Learn everything there is to know about your business and others like it.  Proper research will allow you to be better than the rest, and make informed business decisions that can help your business soar.

2. Be financially reserved

You don’t need a flashy office if you can’t afford staff or vital equipment.  Know what is most important to the future of your business. Invest your money in growing and not just in keeping up appearances. 

3. Set yourself apart

Knowing what sets you apart from your competitors and capitalize on it. It’s all in the details.  Your customers will take notice when you play to your strengths. Make an experience, not just a sale.

4. Know when to ditch a failing tactic

You wouldn’t continue to use a broken microwave, why use business tactics that are outdated or broken. Knowing when to cut your losses or make major changes can be the smartest business decision you will ever make. Remember that ditching a failing tactic may include firing an employee or even a client.

5. Don’t do it alone

Seek out mentor relationships such as small business incubator to improve your likelihood of success. The best way to recognize where you need help is to have someone point it out. Business incubators can aid your business in the more difficult choices. Getting outside opinions can also reduce the emotion of making those decisions.

Kenneth Cody Gray
Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator
Business Innovation Center

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