4 Reasons College Students Should Launch Their Dream Startup


Think college is just for taking classes and expanding your knowledge base? Think again. College campuses are becoming hubs for entrepreneurial success. With resources around every corner, college may be the perfect place to begin the startup of your dreams. Here’s why:

1) Best time to start is now.

While in college, even though it may not seem so, you are likely to have more free time than when you graduate. Allow yourself a little time to be self-centered before you devote to a full-time job, spouse, or children. Use this time to research, think big, and explore the idea of launching your own business.

2) Choose classes and programs wisely.

Take advantage of the entrepreneurial courses your school offers. Courses like Small Business Management, Entrepreneurial Management, and Business Innovation will teach you how to develop a business plan, foster creativity and innovation, and explore techniques on managing and marketing new businesses.

3) Your Professors can be an invaluable resource.

Your college professors are great resources. Bounce your ideas off of them. They can give you advice and they can help you prove your business is feasible. Learning from someone that has knowledge in business can help you learn what to do, and most importantly what not to do. Professors may also help you network and find contacts to help you advance your ideas.

4) Search out other resources on campus.

Your professors are helpful, but what about other areas on campus or nearby? Most campuses have a career services center. Some cities have business incubators. These valuable resources can offer mentorship in a variety of areas, and help get your business off the ground. Whether you are just starting your business or looking to grow, mentors can give you valuable insight and an outside perspective you may have not discovered on your own.

Get out there and be inspired!

If you’re a college student, don’t hesitate to start your dream business. Even if your business is not immediately successful, the experience you gain will prove to be invaluable while searching for jobs and building your resume. Starting your own business shows future employers you are capable of thinking outside the box.


Katy Kitto
Business Innovation Center