How Your Latest Failure Can Lead to Your Greatest Success


Does the word failure make you weak in the knees or induce a cold sweat? Well, you’re not alone. Even though it has a negative connotation, you could use it to your advantage? Believe it or not, failing often leads to great things, and here is why:

Just because an idea fails does not mean you have to give up. Think of failure as a speed bump and not as a road block. A road block will keep you from passing, but a speed bump just slows you down. Think about what problem you are solving and how your idea can be altered rather than vacating the idea altogether.

Rethink Your Plan
Make a list of pros and cons, and most importantly, use this time to further research and improve your ideas. Additional research will make you more knowledgeable, in turn making you a stronger startup. Knowledge is power.

Sometimes you have to get out of your own way. There is a chance of failure when you share new ideas; however, it could become the next big thing. Step out of your comfort zone, sharing your ideas with the right people could lead to your big break.

Take failure as a chance to push forward and make your idea even better. Improve your product or service, research your ideas further, and give yourself the boost you need. Your next great idea is just beyond that speed bump, but you will never know unless you keep moving.


Katy Kitto
Business Innovation Center