Water Damage: An Ounce of Prevention


If an ounce of prevention is worth the pound of cure, then understanding how to prevent water damage to your business is well worth a few minutes of your time. The chance of water damage happening in your business is probably small. But we are in Florida where weather-related damages are not uncommon. The odds of never having water damage and its favorite companions, mold and mildew, are not in your favor.

Since you cannot control the weather, start with the most likely and controllable culprits: your plumbing; water supply hoses to kitchen appliances and HVAC systems; exterior doors and windows; and, of course, the roof. Is someone in your company responsible for a periodic maintenance check of these areas? If this has never crossed your mind, it should. Make a simple checklist based on the likely sources of water leaks in your place of business, then assign someone to do a visual check at least quarterly. The tiniest leak in the break room fridge icemaker line can cause a surprising amount of damage over time, not to mention the real cost of  disruption and inconvenience to your business.

Don’t forget to locate the main water shut-off to your building too. When a pipe breaks, you can mitigate the damage by turning off the flow at the main source. Most water shut-offs can be found in utility or maintenance closets, the garage, in the crawl space or outside near or at the water meter. 

Aside from mopping up puddles, mold mitigation is the most time-critical. Drying out affected areas as quickly as possible and applying appropriate desiccates should be left to a water damage professional. Do it right the first time, and as we say here, it will be “Like it never even happened.” 
Cyndy Murphy, SERVPRO of Bay County

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