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We know that today’s business owners are busier than ever. That’s why the services at CareerSource Gulf Coast are focused on saving employers time and money, with outcomes that help companies gain a leading edge.

Screening candidates for your open positions is just one of our strong points. A powerful tool in our box is “Prove It!,”  a robust technology with a full range of quality pre-employment assessments. We can offer hundreds of tests free of charge. Here are just a few of the highlights of this powerful tool.

  • Know that your tests have been validated. “Prove It!” offers validated assessments in a variety of fields and skill sets ranging from entry-level to advanced.    
  • Use assessments to gauge a widely diverse range of skills, including but not limited to typing, spreadsheet development, welding, industrial safety, graphic design, cost accounting, data entry, and word processing. Our skills assessments lend themselves to multiple fields: Accounting, clerical, construction, industrial, healthcare, legal professions, call centers, administrative services and so much more.
  • Create unique assessments. An assessment can be modified, or a group of assessments can be batched together to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Test in a foreign language. A variety of assessments are also offered in Creole, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Make sure your applicants or employees have the computer skills needed. Our assessment package provides skills testing for a full range of programs, including Microsoft Office and popular accounting software.

As is true with all of our programs, the Prove It! assessment service is offered to employers at no cost. You need only post a job opening on EmployFlorida.com to be eligible for access to this service and others.

CareerSource Gulf Coast offers a team of talented workforce professionals to help employers access local and state labor market data, host recruiting events, identify top talent in your industry and find out about additional services. Our workforce professionals are readily available across the region in Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties. We have a proven track record in connecting employers to the best candidates for any given position.

For more information on our assessment programs – and our broad base of offerings – get started with CareerSource Gulf Coast today. Visit our Panama City Job Center at 625 Highway 231 or call us at (850) 872-4340 and ask for an Employer Representative. We invite you to stay in touch at www.careersourcegc.com, where you can learn about our diverse array of employer services.


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The Seller TSUNAMI! It’s coming!


It’s coming! A wave of business sales so large that the business sale marketplace will be incredibly active for years!

Why? Retiring baby boomers! Demographics (SME Research) dictate that up to two million businesses will be sold between the years of 2017-2020.

Currently, Bizbuysell.com reports approximately 8,000 business sales per year. Even if that number is four times under reported (which I think it may be) we are looking at a five to ten fold increase in the number of businesses sold. And, that is how many businesses are sold, not how many will TRY to sell.

What are the market implications of a seller tsunami?
• The market turns from a seller’s market which it is currently, into a buyer’s market.
• Lower valuations due to increased competition for buyers. In fact, some believe due to the shrinking workforce, there will be a huge lack of skilled buyers in the marketplace.
• Incredible opportunity for buyers and companies that want to acquire great businesses!

What can you do to if you plan to sell your business in the next 5-10 years?.
• Sell earlier than later. Start planning your exit now. Even if you have to work a few years for the new buyer, it may be time to go. Talk to your advisors now!
• Expand your businesses sales and profits. Make more money and perhaps your value will increase more than the marketplace devaluation. Plus, the money you make in the meantime would counter the lost value.
• Be a part of the buying opportunity and acquire businesses through the tsunami. Eventually the marketplace will settle and you will have built a large profitable business, especially if you are on the young side of the boomer age bracket.
• Ignore it, and sell anyway. Hopefully you made your money running your business and the sale is gravy. Price any company right and it will sell in any market condition!

My goal in providing this information is not to scare you into selling now, but to really encourage you to start planning. Perhaps the prediction of the tsunami may not come to pass, but it is hard to deny the numbers and the market force of the boomers retiring. I’m ready for the wave! Surf’s up!


Charles E. Guy, II
Business Broker, Transworld Business Advisors Panama City, FL
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IN THE BIC SPOTLIGHT: The Logistics of Healthcare: Jellyfish Health’s technology reduces patient wait times and increases medical clinics’ bottom lines


It happens all the time, the interminable and unexplained waiting in your doctor’s office or outpatient clinic. Every minute you spend sitting there amounts to lost productivity at work or time away from anything else better to do, not to mention the loss of your patience! That backup has operational and fiscal ramifications on the clinic’s side as well. Staff is frustrated by the lag and overtime, not to mention the patients’ complaints. David Dyell and Patrick Leonpacher of health tech start-up iSirona fame saw an opportunity in solving what is essentially a logistics problem in need of a smart technology-based solution.

Following the successful sale of iSirona to Nanthealth, Dyell and Leonpacher were eager to capitalize on their entrepreneurial and technical expertise in yet another health-tech venture in Panama City. They too had experienced the near-universal aggravation of waiting longer than expected or desired for an appointment. Could they develop a software platform that allowed greater transparency and improved efficiency in what’s known as “patient flow optimization” to benefit both the clinic and the patient? The pursuit of this solution led to the formation of Jellyfish Health, currently in residence in the Business Innovation Center on the FSU-Panama City campus.

It became clear that “non-clinical events” like patient walk-ins, late arrivals, no-shows and other unscheduled events make outpatient flow predictably unpredictable and often outnumber actual clinical emergencies. Mitigating the impact of the unpredictable and better managing the predictable back-ups in a transparent, efficient way through medical office software and a now-in-development patient portal phone app will give patients and the medical staff the information they need to avoid bottlenecks, shorten wait times and optimize patient flow—from registration and check-in through admitting and financial counseling. And what patient, as Patrick Leonpacher quipped, wouldn’t rather spend time being productive at work or even waiting at Starbucks than just sitting at the doctor’s office, if they could see on their phone that the clinician is running 30 minutes behind today? Like the jellyfish for which the company is named, it’s all about transparency and flow.


The Jellyfish Health leadership team is committed to staying in Panama City, which has not only become their home but which they feel has the promise of developing into a private sector start-up and hopefully high tech center here in the Florida panhandle. What brought Jellyfish Health to the Business Innovation Center (BIC) last September was the turn-key office infrastructure. Having had the experience of growing iSirona and housing over 200 employees, they understood the physical requirements of growing a business: flexible office space, Internet, access to training and conference rooms, etc. “With that operational infrastructure already here at the BIC, we could focus all of our attention to developing our product instead of having to manage facilities.”

Since setting up shop in the BIC, Jellyfish has grown to 16 employees, plus 2 college interns and a high school senior intern. In fact, its rapid growth is leading them to a larger office space in downtown Panama City, where they expect to double in the year ahead with 75% of its employees based in-house. Most of their employee growth will be in software development and information technology. Equally important to an employee’s “skills fit” is what Leonpacher calls a “cultural fit,” the entrepreneurial energy and excitement needed to grow a company and become personally and professionally invested.

In addition to becoming a successful and highly profitable company, Jellyfish hopes to serve as a proverbial beacon of high tech light, to inspire and encourage like-minded entrepreneurs. Leonpacher stressed, “We want to interface with students at the university, college and even high schools to grow our future employees in STEM fields (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math). We want them to see us and other companies like ours on their campuses and understand that there is a tech future here in Panama City.”


Jamie Shepard
Consultant, Business Innovation Center

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Regional TV Show Features BayEDA President, Becca Hardin

The latest episode of Florida’s Great Northwest’s regional TV show, filmed at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP), features BayEDA President, Becca Hardin. During the episode, Hardin showcases the economic development assets of Bay County, including certified sites, and discusses the organization’s marketing strategy.

 Last year, Gulf Power Company launched the Florida First Sites program in partnership with international site selection firm, McCallum Sweeney Consulting to increase the number of shovel ready properties in the region. Through this initiative, two Bay County properties gained certification: Port Panama City’s Intermodal Distribution Center (IDC) and The St. Joe Company’s VentureCrossings.

 “A certified site means that it’s cleared, has appropriate zoning and all of the utilities. Basically a company could come in and turn dirt today, because it’s ready for construction,” explained Hardin. Having this designation, for the 54 acre site at the IDC and the 195 acre industrial park at VentureCrossings, catapults these sites onto the radar screens of companies looking for a new location.

 To further increase awareness of the opportunities in Bay County, the BayEDA also partners with other organizations on marketing efforts. Recently, Hardin and Parker McClellan, executive director of ECP, attended MRO Americas 2015 along with Florida’s Great Northwest, where they met, one-on-one, with twenty aviation companies. “We’re going after the MROs (maintenance, repair and overhaul), because that’s what makes sense for our community…and we’re ready,” explained Hardin.

 In addition to the aviation assets, Hardin points out that, “We have the whole picture. We have the properties at the Airport, but we also have an international port. Those are products that not many communities can say that they have.”

 To watch the episode in its entirety please visit: http://www.floridasgreatnorthwest.com/news/news/fgnw-regional-tv-show-featuring-becca-hardin


Becca Hardin

Executive Director, Bay Economic Development Alliance

email: becca@bayeda.com