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We know that today’s business owners are busier than ever. That’s why the services at CareerSource Gulf Coast are focused on saving employers time and money, with outcomes that help companies gain a leading edge.

Screening candidates for your open positions is just one of our strong points. A powerful tool in our box is “Prove It!,”  a robust technology with a full range of quality pre-employment assessments. We can offer hundreds of tests free of charge. Here are just a few of the highlights of this powerful tool.

  • Know that your tests have been validated. “Prove It!” offers validated assessments in a variety of fields and skill sets ranging from entry-level to advanced.    
  • Use assessments to gauge a widely diverse range of skills, including but not limited to typing, spreadsheet development, welding, industrial safety, graphic design, cost accounting, data entry, and word processing. Our skills assessments lend themselves to multiple fields: Accounting, clerical, construction, industrial, healthcare, legal professions, call centers, administrative services and so much more.
  • Create unique assessments. An assessment can be modified, or a group of assessments can be batched together to meet the needs of your organization.
  • Test in a foreign language. A variety of assessments are also offered in Creole, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Make sure your applicants or employees have the computer skills needed. Our assessment package provides skills testing for a full range of programs, including Microsoft Office and popular accounting software.

As is true with all of our programs, the Prove It! assessment service is offered to employers at no cost. You need only post a job opening on to be eligible for access to this service and others.

CareerSource Gulf Coast offers a team of talented workforce professionals to help employers access local and state labor market data, host recruiting events, identify top talent in your industry and find out about additional services. Our workforce professionals are readily available across the region in Bay, Gulf and Franklin Counties. We have a proven track record in connecting employers to the best candidates for any given position.

For more information on our assessment programs – and our broad base of offerings – get started with CareerSource Gulf Coast today. Visit our Panama City Job Center at 625 Highway 231 or call us at (850) 872-4340 and ask for an Employer Representative. We invite you to stay in touch at, where you can learn about our diverse array of employer services.


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