IN THE BIC SPOTLIGHT: Congratulating Jellyfish Health, the BIC’s first graduate!


Graduations are sweet tributes to success with a tinge of sadness for those things that will be lost in the transition. Such is the BIC staff’s feeling about Jellyfish Health’s graduation from our business incubation program this summer. Since September 2014, we have witnessed a very small start-up with big ideas grow into a 16-person team of dedicated software pros and interns, and outgrow their offices in our facility. Seasoned business veterans David Dyell and Patrick Leonpacher have skillfully guided their young team in developing a software platform that allows greater transparency and improved efficiency in what’s known as “patient flow optimization” to benefit both the physician and the patient in a medical facility or laboratory setting.

Leonpacher credits the BIC with providing his fledgling company an affordable and useful infrastructure in which to develop. “Having the physical plant requirements of growing a business, like flexible office space, internet, access to training and conference rooms, etc.”, he said, “we could focus all of our attention to developing our product instead of having to manage facilities.”
Jellyfish Health has graduated from its offices here on the FSU-PC campus to a sophisticated workspace in downtown Panama City. The JH leadership enjoyed working downtown with iSirona in years past and wanted to return. These visionaries see downtown as a perfect environment for smart tech development.  We at the BIC celebrate their success but will miss the energy and activity this company brought to our facility.