Selling Your Services to the Sunshine State


Florida is not only a “great state of mind”, it can also become your customer. Every state agency buys goods and services every day from established companies like yours. In fact, the state of Florida awards more than $1.2 billion annually in term contracts and agreements through the Division of State Purchasing. What exactly does the State buy? Thanks to strict “Sunshine Laws”, the state’s current purchasing contracts can be viewed online at the Florida Department of Management Services website. Spend a little time and find out which agencies buy what you sell, how often they buy and how much they spend. If you find a match, why not invest a little more time in making yourself known to the more than 15,000 purchasing agents working on the taxpayer’s behalf? Fortunately, you no longer have to go door to door in Tallahassee with hat and business card in hand. You do have to take steps to let them know you are open, ready and willing to do business with them. Florida Trend (FT) magazine recently offered important insights into breaking into state government contracting.

Go to, the online e-procurement portal for the Florida Department of Management Services. This website streamlines interactions between vendors and state government agencies and provides the tools to support procurement between your business and the state of Florida.

Next, click on the VENDORS button on that page. Scroll down to the Registration Requirements button to access the list of documents you will need to register. With the required documents in hand, you are ready to register as a New Vendor. It sounds daunting but it’s do-able.

To get a better understanding of state government help is a click away at My FloridaMarketplace’s MFMP University. You can watch (and rewatch as needed) training webinars and briefings on a host of procurement topics from how to find bids to how to get paid via electronic invoicing. Of course, there’s also a helpful page of Frequently Asked Questions.

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