Understanding B Corporation Certification

​“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”  Words said to be spoken by genius Albert Einstien.  I am writing to share the truth behind this principle, and the genius idea put into action by individuals and organizations who believe in social responsibility and positive environmental impact. The topic is B Corp certification. 
B Corp stands for Benefit Corporation and companies under this type of certification recognize the impact of applying the principle of compound interest to business.  This is a new class of corporation that voluntarily meets different standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency. Businesses are the most powerful force in the world affecting social, economic and environmental outcomes.  B Corporations are “people using business as a force for good.”  They are a community of individuals and companies who are more purpose driven than profit driven, and they are changing the way organizations communicate and interact with those affected by their operations.
This community of ambitious individuals has been around far longer than the certification.  Although, the development of it is significant to a sustainable future.  Introduced in 2006 by the nonprofit B Lab, the B Corp Certification is inspired by those already working with the belief that systems should exist to serve society.  Now it has become a big stamp of validation for the companies who are working hard to make a difference and set a framework holding all organizations accountable for their actions.  As of this writing, there are 1,468 Certified B Corporations, across 42 countries and from a variety of 130 different industries, whom all share one unifying goal “to redefine success in business.” 
Amavida Coffee and Tea is a Certified B Corporation and Florida Benefit Corporation. To achieve certification, all B Corps must undergo a rigorous investigation of business policies and procedures and are scored on four facets: Governance Structure, Employee Engagement, Community Involvement, and Environmental Impact. All B Corps voluntarily meet higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance making them powerful agents for change.
Amavida Coffee and Tea is an importer, roaster, and purveyor of Organic and Fair Trade specialty coffees. Amavida operates several cafes in the Florida Panhandle and maintains a thriving coffee roaster and wholesale operation that focuses on providing the highest-quality Organic and Fair Trade coffees in the industry.
Amavida Coffee and Tea is a member of Cooperative Coffees, a green coffee importing cooperative comprised of 23 community-based roasters throughout the United States and Canada. Cooperative Coffees shares Amavida Coffee and Tea’s vision to promote transparent Fair Trade and sustainable development alternatives and believes that the Fair Trade movement goes beyond the importation of fairly traded coffee and products. Amavida Coffee and Tea and Coop Coffees work together to promote fair buying practices and work to ensure that partnering farming communities are being properly cared for and educated.
We believe that true fair trade is essential to creating a sustainable, honorable, and honest business. This occurs by building long-lasting, deep-rooted relationships with farmers and by creating a real partnership; we pay what is earned and deserved. Amavida Coffee and Tea shares the vision of B Corp to redefine success in business by creating higher quality jobs and improving the quality of life for our community, as well as the communities of our trade partners.


Jennifer Griffin 
Project Coordinator