Why Every Small Business Must Have a Website in 2016


In 2015, Facebook and other social media services saw a record creation of small business pages across their networks. Social media sites require less expertise to launch and anyone can start a page at little to no cost.  However, as your business becomes more established, professional existence away from social media is vital to any business’s digital marketing effort.

While social media is an excellent source for a quick and easy solution, with not much commitment needed, in the world of today’s digital marketing trends, it can be rather limiting.  Some of these downfalls include minimal design, very limited reporting and tracking tools, and most of all lack of ownership.

If you want full control over your brand and the ability to better track your marketing efforts, a website should be in your marketing plan for 2016. The number one reason is credibility. A well put together site versus a competitor with only a Facebook page immediately gives your business more credibility and stance in the marketplace. Another reason to move to a website is the ability to target better marketing techniques most social media lacks. You have more leeway and freedom to communicate and sell your product or service.

Finally, one of the main reasons you need a website is to reduce overhead. Ah, music to your ears as a small business owner, right? What does this mean?  By building a website, you will have created a sales agent that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week. With most consumers turning to the internet as the preferred option for obtaining business information, you have just automated some of your sales efforts.

However, do not discount social media altogether. Ideally, in a well put together plan, social media should be a vital piece of the marketing puzzle. With the average increase of website traffic by 25%, social media will always encourage more business growth. However, look to move to a site in 2016 to push your business a bit further and provide your clients and customers a more comprehensive solution for your services or product.


Chris Josten

Founder / Lead Developer