KiSSFLOW — Is It Right for Your Business?

Even small businesses can get overwhelmed with tedious human resource requests. Employees requesting vacation time, travel reimbursement, adding new employees to payroll: it can be hard to keep track. Maybe you should test KiSSFLOW. I did, and it took one click to install. KiSSFLOW is a web-based interface created to organize workflow for your business. The app assists in holding several employee requests and makes adding an employee simple. Creating your personal workflow is just a click away. 


​Just click “create process” on the left sidebar and KiSSFLOW will pull up their templates: 

The most popular templates are listed first, with the option to customize your template or request a template from KiSSFLOW.
The one you chose will determine how your five-step process works. 
​KiSSFLOW uses an easy “5 step process” to create any workflow to your business needs. 
​Creating a “process,” or creating a personalized workflow, is as simple as following the five steps above.
KiSSFLOW will first ask you to name your desired workflow and provide a description. I will demonstrate the process to create a vacation time-off request.  
​The second step in the process is to design your form. KiSSFLOW is customizable, allowing users to delete or add fields for their users to fill in when entering their data into the workflow – giving you the freedom to tailor your interface to your business needs. 
After you complete the third step, you are then prompted to customize the steps your employee’s request goes through. 


​When your employee makes a request, KiSSFLOW recommends that the if it will go to a manager, then human resources. However, as the administrator of the group, you can change the route the request goes through.

If a change is made, the only thing the administrator needs is an email address. For example, if a request needs to go to a manager, just hover over the “manager approval” box and change the email address of the desired manager.

The fourth step before publishing is editing the permissions to your process. This step is to enable the different avenues listed in step three to modify the request.


​The fifth and final step is publishing your process! KiSSFLOW makes creating a process incredibly simple through their five step process.
After the administrator publishes the process, it will show on the left sidebar next to any other completed operations. 

​Keeping track of various requests is effortless when requests are sorted into different files based on their completion.  Once the designated manager has reviewed the request, it will show under one the tabs listed: in progress, rejected, or if accepted, it will show under completed. 
​As the administrator, you will be able to see the background of the interface. You can see reports based on how many requests you receive, how many are accepted and denied, as well as the average time taken to decide on a request. KiSSFLOW shows the administrator reports on previous requests, whether they were accepted or denied, and shows how many requests were submitted during certain months.
​Owning a business is rewarding but can be daunting, especially as your employee list gets longer. Utilizing KiSSFLOW will assist any manager or human resource department to accept easily or deny employee request, add an employee to the books, among other functions. KiSSFLOW is the number one business process management system on the market today, and they have over 10,000 customers across 108 countries. KiSSFLOW is integrated with Google Apps and works as a simple plugin. KiSSFLOW also offers a mobile device for those on the go.
With the business world accelerating at such a speed, an essential trait is an organization. With KiSSFLOW, the user gets an easy-to-use interface for sorting employee requests, organizing processes, and viewing your process management reports. 


KiSSFLOW offers a free trial, with monthly pricing at $3.00 per user per month. Find more information at


Jessica Williams
Communication Intern