Employee’s Mobile Devices Add Security Concerns to the Corporate Network

The rapid rise of mobile solutions and employee’s bringing their own devices has had a big impact on small businesses. According to research from Forrester, over 50 percent of workers report using, at least, three devices for work with 61 percent of workers mixing personal and work on their devices.

Although the benefits for employers and employees are real: more productive employees, more access to data whenever / wherever is needed, business cost savings in both equipment and time managing IT; there is the concern of how to minimize risks and protect confidential information from leaking outside of the organization.

When employees use their personally owned devices for work they can accidentally leak information by forwarding a private company-only email, or worse confidential company data can be accessed by hackers while the device is connected to an open WIFI network. According to a Verizon data breach investigation report, 75 percent of network intrusions used weak or stolen credentials to gain access.

Although it is important to have the right BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy in place, there is still the chance for mistakes. Studies have found that as much as 90 percent of users admit to not following security policies. What this means for your business is that a lot of confidential data like customers’ personally identifiable information, such as in healthcare, retail or financial institutions, or confidential company information, such as trade secrets, company financials, or employee records could be at risk.

With so many data available, traditional company firewalls and perimeter solutions no longer suffice to protect confidential information wherever it lives.  Today, until recently many small businesses were cobbling together some solutions to attempt to solve this problem.  However, none tied it all together until now.

Comprehensive solutions have been developed that protect information assets across four layers: user identity, content, applications & cloud services, and devices.  When combined with cloud application like Microsoft Office 365, they offer protection for applications and services your customers use every day.

One particular solution from Microsoft not only is flexible and easy to integrate, but it also provides enterprise-grade security for small businesses at about half the cost of competitive solutions. Key security features include:

  • Threat detection: Detect abnormal user behavior, suspicious activities, known malicious attacks and security issues right away.
  • Conditional access: Control access to applications and other corporate resources like email and files with policy-based conditions that evaluate criteria such as device health, user location, etc.
  • Single sign-on: Sign in once to cloud and on-premises web apps from any device. Pre-integrated support for Salesforce, Concur, Workday, and thousands more popular SaaS apps.


Mr. Tomas Santos-Alejandro is President of Advent Services, a locally-owned Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services company. He can be reached at solutions@adventsvcsllc.com or (850) 441-2915. For more information about Advent’s services visit www.adventsvcsllc.com.

The Enlightened Entrepreneur Free Workshop

Gulf Coast State College’s Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship is offering a series of free seminars entitled, The Enlightened Entrepreneur.  On Monday evenings throughout the spring, these 1-hour sessions will feature a local entrepreneur sharing the lessons they have learned in their journey.  These local innovators in business and industry represent the best our community has to offer in advice and guidance for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Attend these sessions to learn about prototyping and fabrication, business model development, raising financial capital, and virtually every area of skills and knowledge required to become successful entrepreneurs.


The series is slated to begin Monday, January 25th at 6:00 p.m. and will feature Myron Creel, an experienced industrial designer. Mr. Creel has brought to market dozens of products, helping entrepreneurs bring their idea from a napkin through the design phases. Learn about moving design into molding and mass production.

Collectively, the participating speakers have raised millions of dollars for their ideas, manufactured and distributed globally, and met every major challenge faced by today’s entrepreneur.  See the Millaway Institute Web site at http://www.gulfcoast.edu/millaway for the ongoing schedule and full details.


Stephen W. Dunnivant, Ed.D.
​Gulf Coast State College


The Big Idea: Taking Your Idea to the Next Level

You have a great idea for a startup, but need help knowing what to do next. Join us for The Big Idea.  This ongoing series of informal conversations with successful entrepreneurs may be your answer to knowing what to do next. The speakers are offering their insight to you at no charge.  

Each speaker in the series features a unique approach. Their personal journey may be different, but you will discover great tips and tricks while hearing what led to the start of their companies. Of course, there will be stories of business success, business failures, and perspectives on what it takes to succeed.  Our 2016 series begins this Thursday, January 14, with entrepreneur Jayme Thomas. 


Jayme is President, CEO, and Co-founder at Visual Goodness. He is responsible for vision, direction, and business operations. His expertise in Business Development, Creative Direction, Storytelling, 3D Illustration, and Concept Development keep him busy.

Visual Goodness is an interactive studio that has been delivering stunning work across a wide swath of the digital landscape for over a decade. Jayme is the creative lead for large site and video/animation projects with extensive experience in Directing, 3D animation, UX, and illustration.

This event is free and open to the public! Join us on January 14th, at 5:30 pm at  Amavida, 2997 W 10th Street in St Andrews, Panama City.  If you are interested in attending and need more information or if you would like to share your experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, contact Pamela Kidwell at the Business Innovation Center, 850-770-2451 or pkidwell@businessinnovationcenter.com.