The Enlightened Entrepreneur Free Workshop

Gulf Coast State College’s Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship is offering a series of free seminars entitled, The Enlightened Entrepreneur.  On Monday evenings throughout the spring, these 1-hour sessions will feature a local entrepreneur sharing the lessons they have learned in their journey.  These local innovators in business and industry represent the best our community has to offer in advice and guidance for current and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Attend these sessions to learn about prototyping and fabrication, business model development, raising financial capital, and virtually every area of skills and knowledge required to become successful entrepreneurs.


The series is slated to begin Monday, January 25th at 6:00 p.m. and will feature Myron Creel, an experienced industrial designer. Mr. Creel has brought to market dozens of products, helping entrepreneurs bring their idea from a napkin through the design phases. Learn about moving design into molding and mass production.

Collectively, the participating speakers have raised millions of dollars for their ideas, manufactured and distributed globally, and met every major challenge faced by today’s entrepreneur.  See the Millaway Institute Web site at for the ongoing schedule and full details.


Stephen W. Dunnivant, Ed.D.
​Gulf Coast State College