Local Company Launching Kickstarter Campaign

Imagine waking up in the morning, dressing for another day, realizing how great your latest find has helped to soothe your tired, aching feet.  A local entrepreneur hopes to share his solution and their Kickstarter campaign launches April 2.

Led by the owner of the company, Uganda Williams, Footglove Performance Footwear is aiming to revolutionize the way anyone suffering from foot and lower extremity pain deal with improving their comfort level. After many days on his feet and no luck with the current products, one morning, not so long ago, Williams decided he would need to create a solution to help his aching feet, and Footglove Performance Footwear was born.

“I’ve always believed in the American dream,” Williams said. “If America can put a man on the moon I should be able to end foot pain.”

Got Foot Pain?
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