Is The Building Well-Designed?

​What is good architecture?  All of us are influenced by architecture virtually 24/7/365, whether at home or work, out shopping or in church, on vacation or just driving between locations.  Generally, we are aware that we may like one building better than another, but odds are that beyond color, style or even cleanliness, it is difficult to pinpoint the reasons.  How many times have you said or heard, “Why did they do that?” How many times did the question apply to something well done?
Good design and architecture is about much more than color and style, but how many of those other elements are most people aware?  A good designer understands purpose/function, materials and systems, users and use, building process, hard and soft costs, life-cycle costs, and a host of other factors that shape the final building.  Planning and design impact how appealing and accessible your business is for walk-in traffic; employee productivity, the flexibility of use, room for growth, operations and maintenance costs and a variety of elements with intrinsic value.
You may be able to improve your bottom line simply through better design.  Good architecture is invisible, but its value is obvious. 


Valli Sorci, LEED AP
CEO, Florida Architects, Inc.
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