Entrepreneurial students learn strategies from local business leader

Gulf Coast State College students and local entrepreneurs had an opportunity to hear firsthand from Patrick Leonpacher, Chief Operating Officer of Jellyfish Health.

Leonpacher served as the featured speaker for the BIC’s Coffee and Conversation held in late October and in November’s Enlightened Entrepreneur series.  He shared lessons learned about how decisions to hire, diversify and expand are a part of a very sensible business strategy.

When hiring, a key question Jellyfish asks themselves is, not only does this person have the talent needed, but does this person fit the culture of the company? For many organizations, the decision to hire a new person is a commitment that involves onboarding time, training and additional monetary expenses.  Hiring is considered an investment and it is important for a company to understand how it helps grow the business.       

Diversifying and expanding are also decisions that businesses continue to face. Companies struggle with whether it is best to increase spending to support a new market or direct resources into growing the existing market.  Leonpacher discussed how Jellyfish Health understands how important it is to focus limited resources where sustainability and profitability are most attainable.