Own Your Brand

During the BIC’s January Speaker Series, Chris Josten, Founder and Creative Director of Curiosity Marketing Group lends his perspectives on the importance of developing a brand story.  While your brand represents the collection of tools you use to communicate with the world, your story will be what the public and customers know about your company.

Chris talked about the importance of controlling your story by creating a solid mission statement and integrating who you are with a consistent alignment with your brand.  Your message must remain constant throughout all media outlets including but not limited to all billboards, print, TV, radio, and social media.  

It is of particular importance to own your brand’s message, if you don’t, someone else could tell your story, and it may not be how you want you or your company represented. Bad reviews can happen. A disgruntled customer is something you hope to avoid. If you received a poor rating, be sure to have a procedure for responding and resolving the problem. No need to enter into an argument and best to use an approach for dealing direct and offline. Ignoring a customer’s bad experience is not the best policy.  

Take control of your brand with force and own your brand on and offline!

See here to watch his presentation.