Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship.


As a part of Gulf Coast State College, the Business Innovation Center (BIC) strives to offer courses and programs that matter to local businesses, entrepreneurs, and innovators. Starting and sustaining a business is a challenge that requires constant planning and skill development, so the BIC classes will keep evolving depending on the needs of our community. The BIC provides a supportive environment to start-up businesses increasing the probability of success, as well as, seeks to provide the ideal blend of business opportunities, resources, and synergies to enhance entrepreneurial development in Northwest Florida. Together we can build a healthy workforce!

Corporate College is the Workforce Development arm of the college providing all types of adult education including academic, technical, trade, vocational, as well as, personal enrichment classes. The BIC is a vital part of this department.


Frequently asked questions

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The BIC provides a supportive environment to start-up businesses increasing the probability of success, as well as, seeks to provide the ideal blend of business opportunities, resources, and synergies to enhance entrepreneurial development for expanding businesses or organization that may be interested in relocating to Northwest Florida.

Programs include an initial discovery session, direct business assistance, guidance and mentoring, networking to capital, and other technical resources. The BIC carries out the mission through the support of partners from both the public and private sectors.

As part of Corporate College at Gulf Coast State College, the BIC is committed to the advancement of the economic ecosystem of Northwest Florida.

The BIC is inside Corporate College in the Student Union East, 2nd Floor, Suite 200, at the Gulf Coast State College-Panama City Campus.

The business plan for any company is the roadmap to success. Developing an effective business plan and teaching methods of how to stick to the project are key objectives of the BIC’s programs and services. The BIC will help clients develop the appropriate “elevator pitch” to convey why a company does what it does, how it does it, and what it does uniquely better than what is available from similar companies. The BIC will help clients build their “brand identity” and the appropriate positioning of their products or services.

A scalable business, at its most basic level, is one that a person can run without personally doing all the work. At a higher level, it’s a business model that has the potential to generate growth in revenues significantly faster than its expenses. An example of a scalable business is a social media company (e.g., Facebook) or an app-based company (e.g., Rovio Entertainment).

Collaboration with other entrepreneurs whether they are new or experienced will reinforce the main efforts that are needed to build a foundation for success. The network of entrepreneurs that the BIC support will allow each client to feed on the other’s creativity. Access to area professionals to establish advisory boards for each client will be coordinated through the BIC’s networks and will be integrated into the resource pool available to clients so that they can get advice from experts.

You can meet local entrepreneurs, discuss your triumphs and your tragedies and find your next strategy. The Business Innovation Center hosts all types of events that are designed to allow networking for similarly minded individuals, as well as, offering a whirlwind of education opportunities. Taking too much time to create, develop, or pitch can leave you in the dust. Subscribe to the mailing list to stay current with all available opportunities.

Yes, we commit to a discovery session with entrepreneurs of most types. We have startups, expanding and foothold companies participating and have numerous graduated companies conducting business right now. The BIC accepts clients in programs designed for next step development, education, and virtual incubation. While our services offer the opportunity to engage networking, each member holds complete control over their participation levels.

We are proud to be a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and we have a wealth of events and information at no cost to the participants. We also have fee-based classes focusing on the various elements of a business. If you are a member of the Business Innovation Center (fee-based) you are entitled to even more education classes at no charge. See full details about membership on the Planning page of the website. For a complete list of events, visit our events page. For business classes types, visit our education page.

Most businesses struggle to know every aspect needed to run a sustainable business. Usually, a person will seek advice about one point of their business and discover there is a wealth of information available answering questions they did not even think to ask. The best advice the BIC can offer is to take the time to talk with one of the business analysts. Learning more is always best. Schedule a Discovery Session today.


Student Union East

The BIC office is located in the Student Union East, Suite 200 at Gulf Coast State College - Panama City Campus.