The goal of the BIC is to support companies in a way that will enable the business to graduate from a program in one to three years.  The key to growth and success of clients is the array of business development services and resources that will actively engage the participants. The programs are designed to help develop milestones, stay on track and accelerate growth.

Clients can participate in a series of strategic and tactical working sessions with BIC staff, mentors and experts from the community.  Scheduled at regular intervals – collaboration and attention to all issues facing a client are responded to quickly.  Proper follow up on all matters ensure progress.

Businesses successfully graduate from incubation programs for numerous reasons.  Clients may outgrow incubator facilities; the client may need to hire more employees.  They may achieve a specific positive cash flow goal. Sometimes, merging with another company, obtaining short- and long-term funding (either as straight capital or by issuing shares), and establishing an independent board of directors, may result in clients graduating from the program.


“…Since September 2014, we have witnessed a very small start-up with big ideas grow into a 16-person team of dedicated software pros and interns, and outgrow their offices in our facility.  Leonpacher credits the BIC with providing his fledgling company an affordable and useful infrastructure in which to develop…”

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One of the fastest growing wholesale businesses in the Florida Panhandle area with a 10,000 square feet warehouse located at the heart of Panama City.